The Architect / Interior Designer who is writing her own "Success Story"

Architect Zoi Antoniadi’s ARCHZONE is one the few “success stories” we come across today, amidst the financial crisis, and is considered to be at the top of its game in the northern suburbs of Athens (it is based in Neo Psychiko). ARCHZONE takes on architectural plans, interior design plans, constructions and renovations, both in residences and business premises. Zoi Antoniadi has been a professional in the field since 2004, and has taken on a plethora of private projects.

ARCHZONE offers full-scope services, in accordance with the clients’ wishes and needs. A project may include the architecture or interior design plan, market research through a wide range of materials and furniture offered, and overseeing all necessary steps until completion.

ARCHZONE’s main objective is to create buildings and spaces of high aesthetics and sound quality, which retain their functionality, centering on the client’s needs. It designs spaces that cater to people, enhancing their everyday lives. In the words of the architect and ARCHZONE’s owner, “We listen to our clients, suggesting solutions and providing designs that reflect the personalities of the people living and working in a space. We collaborate with experts in a variety of fields, ensuring the quality of the work, the suggested materials, and especially the optimal application of the plan we have presented.”

- You are considered to be one of the most accomplished architectural and interior design firms. The European Parliament referred to you as a “success story” amidst the financial crisis. What do you think makes you stand out from the others in your field? Is it a financial or a quality factor?

What made us stand out was the fact that I utilized the internet and all its potential in order to promote our business. In this way, I was able to significantly expand our clientele, 90% of whom find us via the internet. These clients don’t come to us via word-of-mouth; we win them over with the quality of our work and our honesty, which are our strongest assets.”

- Did the financial crisis affect your field, given that many people in Greece don’t refurbish or renovate their homes, due to financial constraints?

The crisis definitely affected our field, and that was the main reason we turned to the internet. The various internet tools, combined with the quality of our work, helped us tremendously in the financial crisis. Because of the crisis, the market has become more competitive, and the search for professionals via the internet has increased significantly. We took advantage of this fact, offering our clients quality renovation and interior design services at competitive prices.

- Is the lack of cash flow really constricting medium-sized businesses and sole traders?

Indeed, it is. However, this is the situation we have to work with now.

- What do you believe must change in the market, in order to bring back demand?

A most definite requirement is the increase in cash flow.

- What’s on your business plan for the forthcoming years?

One of our plans is to take on even bigger works. We remain constantly active, and that helps us to realize our goals.

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ArchZone operates with safety measures in relation to the Coronavirus COVID-19. We wear cloth face coverings and keep a safe distance. We ask the same from you..

ArchZone operates with safety measures in relation to the Coronavirus COVID-19. We wear cloth face coverings and keep a safe distance. We ask the same from you.